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For the purpose of a continuous exchange and authentic and up-to-date professional growth of its members, AICI has created a path of
training with the acquisition of 20 annual credits.


The General Assembly of AICI has approved the guidelines for updating professional competence and acquiring CFP professional training credits: 

  • it is possible to obtain CFP in any training area concerning singing: Classical Singing, Modern Singing, Choral Singing, Pedagogy, Audiopsychophonology, Speech Therapy, Artistic Phoniatrics, Posturology, Professional Ethics, Theater Practices and Music Therapies, with supervision of the reference professional figures of the individuals scopes.
  • In the context of Non-Formal learning (see regulation ) the courses valid for the achievement of the CFP are exclusively those organized by AICI and by subjects of high caliber on the national territory and abroad. The attribution of professional training credits to individual courses is decided by the Board of Directors.
  • The assignment of credits is generally defined as follows: 1 hour of lesson=1 credit; each year the member must reach 20 annual credits, the member has the right to submit a Training Dossier upon enrollment in which he can plan the acquisition of credits on a three-year or five-year basis.
  • In the context of formal learning, the academic qualifications of the State Conservatories acquired in the year of enrollment will be evaluated with 20 credits for each year of the course, considered from the year of enrollment of the member.
  • Members who do not accumulate 20 credits in one year will have the right to recover the missing ones in the following year, in case of further delay the Board of Directors will evaluate the situation and, in the worst case, submit the case to the Board of Arbitrators.
  • tools set up to ascertain the obligation of professional updating: the achievement of training credits is issued with certificates and/or specific documentation following the survey of attendance with paper and/or digital tools.
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Ordinary members who join the continuous training project must acquire 20 professional training credits in the calendar year, equivalent to 20 hours of meeting and in-depth study which include an online part and one in person.

AICI organizes free online training for ordinary members, affiliates and students and in attendance at a reduced rate. The training proposal for face-to-face meetings offers three fields of choice, of study: classical singing, modern singing and choral singing.

External training does not replace the obligatory face-to-face meeting.

Ten days after participation in conferences, seminars and lectures, the member must present a request to the secretariat for the assignment of the relative credits.

For clarification, write using the contact form



Certificate of Quality and Professional Certification of the Services Provided by the Members


The Certificate of Quality, pursuant to articles 7 and 8 of the law of 14 January 2013, n.4, is not a professional accreditation or recognition, but can only certify the regular registration of the professional to the Association including:

  • the necessary requirements for participation in the Association itself,
  • the quality and professional qualification standards required for enrolment;
  • the guarantees provided by the Association to users;
  • activation of the counter for users;
  • the eventual possession of the insurance policy for professional liability;
  • the possible possession by the registered professional of a certification issued by an accredited body.
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